Sports injuries are a common occurrence in the life of an athlete. Sometimes these injuries can have far-reaching effects, causing pain and discomfort for an extended period of time. While traditional treatment options like medication and even surgery are available, more and more people are turning to alternative solutions like chiropractic care. Chiropractic care can… Read More

Chiropractic healing is an excellent alternative to traditional medical treatment. It is a process that focuses on caring for the spine, muscles, bones and joints. By manipulating the spine, chiropractors are able to increase blood flow and correct bodily misalignments that typically occur due to accidents or injury. As a result, one may experience significantly… Read More

Tulsa Chiropractor helps stress

Job loss. Betrayal. A relationship gone bad. Stress at work. Issues with children. A car accident. Or, perhaps a sports injury. What do all these have in common? They are all stressful events that can impact your back, neck, and spine. What Stress Does to the Body When the body is under stress, whether that… Read More

If you are an active person, then you know the importance of treating sports injuries, aches, strains, sprains, and issues that may come up in your body. Athletes and active people have more demanding needs when it comes to recovery, maintenance, and healing. Injuries and accidents are bound to happen when your body takes on… Read More

We’ve all been there. Your head begins to throb and you begin to feel tingling and pain. You begin to feel irritable and sensitive to your environment, especially light and sound. Worldwide, it’s estimated that one billion people suffer from at least one migraine headache each year. While some headaches are a product of dehydration… Read More

Car Accident Neck Injury Chiropractor

If you’ve been in a car accident, you know the seriousness of a severe injury. Whether it’s whiplash, broken bones or a simple concussion, no auto accident injury should be taken lightly. Even if your car crash was minor, a car accident injury chiropractor can provide crucial next steps to ensure that your health is… Read More

Did you know that 25% of adults in the United States experience chronic pain? Chronic pain can come in all shapes and sizes. To many people, chronic pain is just something they have learned to live with as a result of an injury or a traumatic event such as a car accident. Chronic pain can… Read More

A pinched nerve can be incredibly painful. Many times a pinched nerve can disrupt your life and limit you from being active. In this blog, we’ll cover what a pinched nerve is and how you can treat it. What is a pinched nerve? Put simply, a pinched nerve is when excessive pressure is put on… Read More

Sports Injury Chiropractor Tulsa

We’ve all been injured. Maybe it’s from an old football injury. Or perhaps it happened during a car accident. Some injuries are more severe causing a lot of pain while others are barely detectable. In either case, our bodies are designed to self-heal and use pain to tell us where we need help. But we… Read More

Holistic health is a hot topic subject that many have debated for years. Holistic health is about the whole person.  What does it take to be balanced in every area of your life? And what does “wholistic” really mean?  The main idea behind holistic health is a balance between the mind, body, and spirit. Treating… Read More