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Dr. Smith is a graduate of the world-renowned Cleveland Chiropractic College, is Board Certified by the American Academy of Pain Management and Manipulation Under Anesthesia. He is a member of the Oklahoma State Chiropractic Association, Pro Sports Chiropractic Rodeo Association, National Academy of Manipulation under Anesthesia, and American Academy of Pain Management.

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New Cutting Edge Healing and Pain Relief Technology!

We now offer Wave Therapy as a pain relief solution.  To learn more about this amazing technology, CLICK HERE.

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FREE First Visit

Your first visit is free! We examine thoroughly and give you a recommended course of action for your recovery.

Three Phases

We use a three-phased approach to our treatment. We don't just treat the symptoms, but the root of your pain!

We Go Deep

From the start, we attempt to treat your body with a holistic that focuses on natural body movements.


We offer a wide variety of treatments to help with pain relief, recovery, healing, stabilization, and strength-building.

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Client Testimonials

Michael Griffin

My job requires me to constantly be bending over. I don't know that I would still have a job if it wasn't for Dr. Curtis,

James Self

I was hit in a car accident and had some major whiplash. Because of the expertise Dr. Curtis had toward my situation, I was able to feel better than ever before!

Kyla Goddard

I hurt my hip during a volleyball match. Dr. Curtis was able to get me back out and competing in no time!

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