Choosing a chiropractor is a serious decision. It’s not something that should be taken easily.

A good chiropractor is more valuable than… well…. a lot of things!

If you’re in the hunt for a great Tulsa Chiropractor, here are a few things to look for!

1. Does your chiropractor do x-rays and pinpoint the pain?

This is a big one. Any doctor needs to know what they are dealing with when it comes to the spine or a potential injury. X-rays give the back doctor a glimpse of your health and how they can help you. It allows them to pinpoint injuries and stresses on your spine.

Furthermore, a good chiropractor will identify the root cause of the pain. It’s not always where you experience pain! Sometimes a muscle or a disc on the opposite side of the body is actually where the pain is coming from, but it impacts a muscle somewhere else.

For example, an injury on the right side might cause stress and pain on the left side that is having to overcompensate.

X-rays should always be one of the first things a doctor does before treatment! Without x-rays, there is a large potential that a doctor could make your injury worse.

2. Is your chiropractor personable?

Having a good bedside manner is crucial. A great chiropractor will ask you great questions, listen intently and pay attention to your needs. You’re never a number or just simply a paycheck.

Great doctors take their oath seriously and always tend to their patients with gentle and intentional care. Think of your doctor as a gentle and knowledgeable health advisor. If they don’t advise you well, then they are not safe for your future.

3. Does your chiropractor have a great staff and facility?

No one wants to be treated in a dirty office or an unsanitary environment. A clean doctor’s office says a lot about their practice. They are excellent and want to provide the best service for their clients. Furthermore, a staff that takes the extra measure to care for your needs is also a direct sign of the doctor’s leadership.

A grumpy medical staff, warn down equipment and an environment that is not warm and inviting is an obvious sign of a medical practice that is not up to par.

4. Does your chiropractor give you an explanation or a wellness strategy?

Anytime you have been treated, your chiropractor should present you with a clear path of healing. Some injuries take months to recover, while others take just a few weeks.

The best chiropractors will always give you a plan of action for how to recover. They will walk you through the phases of recovery, how they plan to help you recover, and eventually empower you to see them less and less as your body achieves balance.

Any doctor or chiropractor that does not give you a step by step plan of recovery is careless and not worth trusting. Your health deserves a strategy and a good plan of action!

5. Does your chiropractor offer multiple treatment methods?

This is more than one way to fix a problem. Good chiropractors will use multiple treatments and exercises to help your body reset and recovery. Some chiropractors use stretches, strength-building activities, acupuncture, pressure wave therapy, and other helpful methods.

A sign of a good chiropractor is one that is always looking for cutting edge treatments and technologies. If they are constantly learning and innovating, then they are growing and getting better at their chiropractic practice.

If a doctor is only using the treatments they learned 20 years ago in chiropractic school, they are obviously lazy and unmotivated.

6. Does your chiropractor take a wholeness approach?

Chiropractic is really about the health and balance of the entire body. While many think it’s just cracking spines and necks, it’s so much more. The spine is connected to the immune system, nerves, and muscles all over the body.

A good chiropractor will consult you and empower you to take your health seriously from a macro perspective. Nutrition, exercise, mental and emotional health… all of these things play into your health.

A chiropractor will advise you to be as healthy as possible in every area of your life. They will also refer you to outside help as needed such as physical therapists, counselors, nutritionists, and other doctors.

7. Does your Chiropractor encourage a natural approach over medication, pills, and shots?

If your chiropractor advises you to depend on opioids, pills, or shots, then you are in deep trouble.

A safe chiropractor will encourage you to take the natural route first in your pain relief.

The body is designed to self-heal. Thus, chiropractors will help you find the best methods for this to happen. They will encourage you to try natural supplements first before turning to more aggressive methods.

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