We’ve all been injured. Maybe it’s from an old football injury. Or perhaps it happened during a car accident.

Some injuries are more severe causing a lot of pain while others are barely detectable.

In either case, our bodies are designed to self-heal and use pain to tell us where we need help. But we also need help from medical professionals who can guide us towards healing.

In this blog, we’re going to cover the necessary steps that must occur after someone has experienced an injury.

Sports Injury Chiropractor Tulsa

Step One: Rest and Protection

In most scenarios with serious injuries, your body is probably in shock. Whether it was a car crash that happened suddenly or a pulled muscle from lifting, your body will typically increase in adrenaline and respond with inflammation or pain to protect itself.

The first stage of recovery is to STOP, access the damage, rest, and protect.

Go see a Tulsa chiropractor or an injury specialist. Get x-rays and get evaluated by a medical professional as soon as possible. Also, don’t push your body. Pay attention to the limits that your body signals. Rest may include taking it easy, ice or cold packs, heating pads, or pain management.

Step Two: Get a Plan to Recover

Depending on the severity of the injury, you’re going to have to get a plan of action for how to get healthy. It could be surgery for some or seeing a chiropractor or physical therapist for others. Your second step of injury recovery is making sure you have a set plan to heal, relieve pain, and then build back your health, mobility and strength.

Key Tip: Seek out medical advice from a professional who can identify your injuries in your body and help coach you through any mental and emotional trauma.

Be sure to manage your pain well. Sometimes medication or steroid shots are necessary. Other times, a more natural pain relief method might be the solution. Be careful to do your homework and always consult a doctor for pain management.

Step Three: Recover Strength and Motion

Once you have a plan, the key is to follow through. It’s going to take time and focus to rebuild your body after a serious injury. You might need to take things slow at first.

The third stage of recovery is exercising and practicing stretches, lifts, and exercises to rebuild your muscle weakness. Minimizing muscle loss and building back strength is key.

Soft exercises such as cycling, pool exercises, and gentle lifts might be the first steps to getting your body back to full health. Or maybe it’s getting some regular back adjustments from your chiropractor.

Always follow medical advice and let your chiropractor or therapist drive your recovery plan.

The Right Treatment for Your Body

Everyone is different and no injury is exact. Recovering from any injury requires patience and medical care that is customized to your body type and your injury. A doctor with great bedside practice will pay close attention to your needs and will help you create a custom plan to help you heal and regain your health. Be sure to listen to your body and follow a plan that feels right.

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