Millions of Americans suffer from mental health issues. Many people also struggle with a physical condition or injury that has caused trauma or blockage in their minds.

From stress to anxiety, to depression, to fear, many patients are locked up in both their minds on their bodies. The good news is that Chiropractors can help patients free their bodies and their minds from stress and imbalance. 

How does Chiropractic help people with mental health problems?

Chiropractors can help in several facets. Chiropractors can remove nerve blocks due to a spine that is out of balance. Chiropractors work to facilitate the spine into balance and allow a great flow of blood and nutrients throughout the body. Because the nervous system flows from head to toe, a simply displaced vertebra in the spine can lead to trouble in other parts of the body such as organs or muscles. When the spine and neck are properly aligned, it can boost the immune system and relieve aches and pains related to stress. 

In simple terms, when the flow of nerves from your brain to your body is flowing without any issues, your mood, emotions and chemical balance is likely to be more improved. Thus, your brain is in a healthier state. Blood flow is crucial to the functions of the brain and the body’s ability to move and direct functions of the organs and muscles.

How does Chiropractic relate to mental trauma?

In some cases, if someone has experienced a trauma from an emotional circumstance or perhaps a significant injury, the brain can lock up or limit the use of muscles in the body for fear of greater injury.

For example, if someone who sprained their right ankle walking down a set of stairs attempts to walk down another set of stairs, the brain might remember the physical and mental pain from the injury and cause your body to tense up. In extreme cases, someone might also experience an anxiety attack or mental breakdown remembering the trauma from the past.

A chiropractor’s job is to locate any area of the body that is not acting in proper alignment or freedom and work to bring balance through spinal adjustments. Many chiropractors are trained to scan the body for injuries, both physical and mental, and help their patients through a process of analysis and treatment. 

The Body Tells On Itself

The body is built to send signals when something is wrong. Pain sends the signal that something is terribly wrong or out of balance. Sometimes a tight muscle or a tingling can send a signal to say, “Hey, you overdid it in your lower back today when you lifted that heavy box. Don’t do that again.” A chiropractor is trained to scan the body for “signs” of trauma or danger and then help the body restore itself back to normal. 

If you experience a sign of pain or stress, don’t delay seeing a Tulsa Chiropractor that can help! We can give you a free injury evaluation and give you a recommended treatment plan before you have to pay a dime.

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