Sports Injury Chiropractor Tulsa

We’ve all been injured. Maybe it’s from an old football injury. Or perhaps it happened during a car accident. Some injuries are more severe causing a lot of pain while others are barely detectable. In either case, our bodies are designed to self-heal and use pain to tell us where we need help. But we… Read More

Holistic health is a hot topic subject that many have debated for years. Holistic health is about the whole person.  What does it take to be balanced in every area of your life? And what does “wholistic” really mean?  The main idea behind holistic health is a balance between the mind, body, and spirit. Treating… Read More

Chiropractic is more than just about the spine and pain relief. Chiropractic care is about wholeness and wellness of the entire body. While most people think that chiropractors focus on the spine, they may not realize how much the spine touches with other parts of the body.  Chiropractic care and the spine involves the four… Read More

Rest days have become one of the most illusive things in our work-hard culture. What most people don’t realize is that rest days are critical to performance, health, and wellbeing. Resting both the mind and the body can do wonders to repair, rebuild and strengthen. Many people think that rest is overrated or not necessary,… Read More

Choosing a chiropractor is a serious decision. It’s not something that should be taken easily. A good chiropractor is more valuable than… well…. a lot of things! If you’re in the hunt for a great Tulsa Chiropractor, here are a few things to look for! 1. Does your chiropractor do x-rays and pinpoint the pain?… Read More

While some people may be more injury prone than others, there are 10 common ways that often cause back pain or back injuries. 1. Driving If you spend a lot of time in the car (in a sitting position) then your body may start to feel pain after sitting in the same position for a… Read More

Almost everyone has experienced back pain at some point. However, not everyone has sought the help of a Tulsa chiropractor for pain relief. Studies have proven the effectiveness that chiropractic treatment can have for back pain.  In a recent review of research published in the Journal of the American Medical Association, experts found that chiropractic… Read More

Experiencing a car crash injury can be traumatic and extremely painful. From whiplash to seat belt burns, there are a lot of possible injuries from a car accident.  A new study has found that nearly 1/3 of people involved in a car crash will continue to complain of low back pain one year after the… Read More

As you probably know, the health of your back can impact so many areas of your life. If you have experienced any kind of back pain, you know the limitations that it can cause to your life. Many people who experience back, neck, hip or shoulder pain are aware that their pain can ultimately handicap… Read More

Holistic health is a hot topic in the world of medicine, exercise, and healthcare. It’s often referred to as a practice of looking at the entire body and incorporating mind, soul, and spirit. Holistic healthcare is just that – finding health and balance in the body, mind, and spirit – all necessary to attain complete… Read More