When some people think of wellness, they think of a gym or perhaps those fancy models on tv with six-packs. Wellness is often seen as a far-away lofty goal that can’t be fully achieved. 

For others, they view wellness as an over the top aspiration. They see wellness as achievable and obsess over it constantly. They don’t eat sugar, they go to extreme lengths to worry about their health, and they overwork themselves and their bodies. 


Wellness is both an attitude and a state of being. It’s how you look at life and also how you must view yourself. It’s mental, spiritual, emotional, and physical

Mental Wellness

We all experience trauma. Life happens. Hurt people will hurt other people.

As a result, we too can often be damaged by relationships or events in life that cause us pain. For others, we may experience a more technical limitation on our minds and emotions such as a mental limitation or mental illness.

It is important that we do not run from getting help from professionals and allow trained experts into our lives to help us dissect our feelings and our thoughts.

Mental wellness can be defined as self-awareness of our mental capacity and thought patterns. 

Spiritual Wellness

For many people, religion or seeking inner healing through meditation, contemplation, prayer or reading can be a way of seeking out wellness. Spiritual wellness can look like many things, but ultimately, it’s finding peace and seeking out the truth. For others, it’s resting, awakening to new beliefs, or going a journey of discovery. It’s finding purpose and faith in someone or something to find grounding.

Spiritual wellness can be defined as holding faith and finding inner peace. 

Emotional Wellness

Life can be taxing. We experience a wide range of emotions from fear, worry, anxiety, anger, hate, grief, sadness, love, joy, pleasure, excitement, and more. If we are not careful, our emotions can give us unhealthy chemical highs and lows.

Emotions can become dangerous when we let our feelings highjack our decision-making and reasoning. On the flip side, suppressing emotions can also be dangerous. Depression, suppressing emotions, and lack of feelings can hurt us if we do not let our emotions out in healthy ways.

Emotional wellness is learning to find rest, balance, and consistency with our emotions. 

Physical Wellness

Physical wellness is a combination of mental, spiritual and emotional balance in addition to having a healthy body. Exercise and nutrition are some of the biggest hurdles for whether someone is healthy physically. It’s what we do WITH our body and what we put INTO our body.

Over time, consistency is key to achieving physical health. It’s making smart choices such as refraining from smoking or alcohol and it’s choosing to be healthy such as passing on the extra dessert or going to work out. Physical wellness can also be dependent on seeing a doctor or medical professional ensure that you are hitting the right goals and doing what’s best for your body. In the case of getting a holistic approach, it’s key to see professionals such as chiropractors.

Physical wellness can be defined as a pain-free lifestyle that aids in prolonging life as long as possible. 

Chiropractic and Wellness 

Chiropractic is one of the best aids of wellness.

The spine connects to so many different parts of the body. Emotional and mental trauma can even find their place in the spine and corresponding muscles!

Chiropractors are trained to examine the entire body for imbalance and then use special techniques to adjust the spine and help the body get back to a place of balance. In addition, the body is designed to show signs when it is out of balance. Thus, Chiropractors can detect when muscles are overtaxed or when the body needs help correcting itself.

Because the spine is connected to so many parts of the body, a lack of balance can lead to a break down of the immune system and cause serious disconnection in the communication that flows from the brain through the spine and to the rest of the body.

If you experience any pain or tension in your body, seeing a Tulsa chiropractor can be one of the most effective things to help you restore wellness throughout your entire body. Fill out the form below to get started.

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