Summer time is the time where everyone is active. We go to the lake. We work in the garden. We hang with friends and throw the ball around. We do things during the summer that involve lots of moving, bending, twisting, and stretching. What most people may not realize is that during the summer months,… Read More


Everyone grows old. Day by day, our bodies wear. But the age-old question is can we slow down or prevent aging?  As we walk, sit, stand, bend, stretch, and move, our bodies will feel the effects over time. This is a natural process that every human and animal goes through. However, what many people do… Read More

Imagine you’ve just experienced an injury. Maybe you were at home, moving things around, picking up something really heavy and then… extreme pain hits immediately and runs up and down your spine. Or perhaps, you were in a serious car accident. The car in front of you slams on their brakes and you do everything… Read More

Neck Injury

If you’ve ever been in a car accident, you will remember the scary details and all that happened vividly. The screech of tires. The slow motion of your car hitting or getting hit by the other car. The immediate sudden impact. The force of the sudden stop and your body being carried forward from the… Read More

Chiropractor Header

If you’ve been to a good chiropractor, then you can appreciate their bedside manner, their excellent service, their compassion, their great communication, and their ability to help you get quick results. However, not everyone may actually know or understand what the signs of a good chiropractor or a bad chiropractor are. Sadly, many patients go… Read More

With the growth of technology that can be held in your hand, there is a hidden health problem that is quickly becoming an epidemic in the world. Very few people are aware that they may be suffering from health issues related to this topic and most will not know they are a victim until it… Read More

Sciatica Leg Pain

Have you ever felt burning in your legs? Or have you felt a pinch in your buttocks or lower back for no apparent reason? Have you had trouble sitting for long periods of time? If so, you may be experiencing symptoms of Sciatica. What is Sciatica? Most people that hear the term “sciatica” have no… Read More


Have you ever heard the term, “Degenerative Disc Disease?” This is actually NOT a disease, but rather, a condition from a damaged or worn out disc that causes pain. This condition is most often a result of poor posture, an injury, aging or being overweight. It can also be caused by experiencing an injury or trauma… Read More

  Believe it or not, but your back could be in grave danger if you don’t pay attention to some of your daily habits. Poor posture, lack of exercise, and other bad habits can cause your back to develop pain and muscular dystrophy (weakness). Check out some of these bad habits below to prevent your… Read More

Being involved in a car accident on any level is no small incident. A car accident of any kind can cause serious personal injuries, not only physically, but emotionally and mentally. No auto accident should ever be taken lightly. In the case of any accident, medical professionals and law enforcement should be consulted immediately. However,… Read More