Yes. Chiropractic care can help your body rid itself of toxins and harmful chemicals that build up in your body. Chiropractic care is actually one of the most important treatment solutions to help your body to flush toxins out. Here’s how it works.  How detoxification and chiropractic work Many patients experience just after a chiropractic… Read More

Let’s be honest. Not every injury requires a medical professional’s attention. Not every pain is necessary for you to see a doctor or get a back adjustment from a chiropractor. In fact, some pains are only temporary and your body can help to heal itself.  However, there are some clear signs for when you SHOULD… Read More

Believe it or not, but children need chiropractic too! Healthy kids benefit from chiropractic! Whether it is learning to crawl or learning to walk, the spine can take a beating even from a young age. Just like dental check-ups help keep our teeth clean and maintain good hygiene, we recommend chiropractic check-ins for children too!… Read More


Summer is finally here! Put on your swimsuit, throw on those flip flops, and head outside for nice weather. The summer season is when most people decide to travel or be active. However, it’s also the season when your body can be under a lot of pressure! Especially if you were not active in the… Read More

Suffering with pain from a car accident is more common that most people might think. The strain of a sudden stop or violent crash can have extreme effects on the human body. Whiplash to the neck, head trauma, pinched nerves, and herniated discs are just a few of the most common injuries. Read below for… Read More


Have you ever felt burning in your legs? Or have you felt a pinch in your buttocks or lower back for no apparent reason? Have you had trouble sitting for long periods of time? If so, you may be experiencing symptoms of Sciatica. What is Sciatica? Most people that hear the term “sciatica” have no… Read More

When the human body is under the effects of extreme forces, such as inertia or a sudden stop of motion from a car accident the body can respond in many different ways. When the body comes in contact with another force such as a seat belt, windshield, dashboard or airbag, the body can be supressed… Read More

Do you trust your chiropractor? Trusting a new doctor may seem like a daunting task, especially if it is your first visit or you’ve had a terrible experience in the past. Trusting someone with your health who may not know you very well is a step of faith in many ways. The truth is that working… Read More

Winter Back Problems

Winter is officially upon us. The warm weather has passed, leaves have fallen, and the brisk winter air has come. With the change in season, we must remember to take care of our bodies and adjust to the new temperatures. The extreme weather can affect our health in different ways, even if our bodies are… Read More

Bad posture

Do you have bad posture? Would you know if you did? Bad posture can have a HUGE effect on your future health as well as your current health. The reality is that bad posture can actually create a domino effect on your entire health. By having correct posture, we can ensure that our bodies actually… Read More