Many people are victims of back or neck pain.

However, too many of these people are victims to chronic pain because of the eating habits that have led them to become overweight.

Is back or neck pain always related to being overweight? No. But are they often related? Yes!

So can weight loss reduce back pain? ABSOLUTELY! 

Medical studies show that back pain is often due to overworking the back due to carrying excess amounts of weight, especially around the midsection.

The effects of being overweight are often tied to accelerated aging in the back, neck, and joints.

The Dangers of Being Overweight For Your Back

Patients who are overweight are more likely to experience serious back issues such as pinched nerves, sciatica, herniated discs, and joint pains. While patients who maintain a lower weight are less at risk of disease and physical injury.

The American Obesity Association notes that patients who have a body mass (BMI) of 25 or greater are more likely to develop osteoarthritis and other back pains due to their weight and body structure.

The reality is that by carrying extra weight, parts of the human body such as joints, muscles, and organs are put under accelerated aging conditions. By having to work “twice as hard,” the body is under extra pressure to perform movements. This extra work and stress over time can cause the human body to wear down at an accelerated rate. This extra weight can also cause poor posture and extreme wear and tear on your spine (see the image below). 

As you lose weight, your legs, knees, back, neck, and other parts of your body will not need to work as hard to maintain your body size and movements.

The Benefits of Weight Loss on the Back and Body

Internal Benefits – Heart disease and high blood pressure are common traits of obesity. By losing weight, you will put less strain on your heart and reduce your risk for stroke and other issues related to your organs and cardiovascular system.

Decreases Risk of Diabetes – Diabetes can lead to kidney damage, vision loss, nerve damage, and other issues. By losing just 5-10% of your body weight, you can reduce your risk of diabetes by as much as 50%.

Back Benefits – Back pain, neck pain, joint pain, and muscle pain can all be reduced when extra weight is lost. For every 5 pounds lost, the stress on your joints is significantly reduced… and thus, the aging process is much less because of the lesser stress on your body.

Other added benefits:

  • Confidence Boost
  • Improved Sex Drive
  • Improved Sleep
  • Lower Inflammation
  • Lower Hypertension
  • Lower Cholesterol

Three Tips To Help You!

If you’ve experienced back and neck pain, or perhaps you would identify yourself as overweight, you still have the power to change your lifestyle and get healthier! Here are three easy steps to change your weight:

  1. Exercise Daily – Medical professionals recommend cardio exercise such as walking, biking, or running at least 120 minutes per week. Go for a walk, get your heart rate up, and burn some extra calories through healthy exercise!
  2. Diet Change – Sugar and Carbs are the enemy of weight loss. If you can reduce the amount of sugars and the amount of breads or carb you consume, your body will naturally fight to burn fats.
  3. Get Help! – Losing weight is sometimes impossible without the help of a professional or trainer. An accountability partner can keep you on track for your weight loss goals and keep you from making any mistakes such as eating bad foods!

If you need help, our team would be happy to help! We provide chiropractic adjustments for your back and neck and we offer a weight loss coaching program that can help you get to the healthier weight that you want!

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