Believe it or not, but children need chiropractic too! Healthy kids benefit from chiropractic!

Whether it is learning to crawl or learning to walk, the spine can take a beating even from a young age.

Just like dental check-ups help keep our teeth clean and maintain good hygiene, we recommend chiropractic check-ins for children too!

Here are 8 reasons why parents should take their kids to see a chiropractor!

1. To encourage good neural plasticity.

Brain development, nerve development, and body development all work together. When one of these areas is limited or out of balance due to a back or neck imbalance, it can stunt growth and full development.

2. To support “first class” nerve communication and rapid healing throughout the body.

Nerve flow helps the body to heal itself faster with clear blood flow. The faster blood can flow the faster that white blood cells can travel to all parts of the body.

3. To help strengthen child’s immunity.

Good blood flow also encourages fewer colds, ear-aches, and general illness. A spine in proper alignment will reduce the risk of sickness.

4. To help resolve breastfeeding issues.

With the spine and neck properly aligned, swallowing and sucking can be much easier for infants.

5. To help digestive strength.

When the spine and the body is in alignment, digestion is drastically approved. In the opposite, if the spine is out of balance and there is stress on the body, the body’s ability to digest food slows and enters a “survival” mode to conserve energy and calories.

6. To help improve a child’s ability to learn and concentrate.

A stress-free or pain-free kid is a free kid. Any kid that has muscle tightness or pain will not be able to focus or adapt in learning.

7. To promote body balance.

Balance in the body will help to resolve poor posture, over-compensation of muscles, asthma, allergies, and bed wetting.

8. Help kids stay fun and light-hearted.

Every kid will feel free and mobile when their bodies are working properly. By eliminating pain and allowing their spine, neck, and back to be balanced, every kid will feel great.

We love helping children

If your child needs a checkup or an adjustment, we’d love to help them. We see children and infants of all ages. Please fill out the form below and we will get you and your family in our office asap.

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