Summer time is the time where everyone is active.

We go to the lake. We work in the garden. We hang with friends and throw the ball around. We do things during the summer that involve lots of moving, bending, twisting, and stretching.

What most people may not realize is that during the summer months, we put a lot of strain on our backs, similar to what an athlete experiences!

Most athletes, whether amateur or professional, put high levels of stress on their back. Over time, their back and their muscles get conditioned to the extreme use. But for regular people that aren’t used to the extreme use, extra back usage can lead to back pain or back injuries.

Even the best athletes in the world know, with or without pain, that they need to get regular adjustments from a chiropractor to stay fresh and to make sure their spine is in balance.

Below are four reasons why Athletes get adjusted and why you should too!



Heightened Body Awareness

Because athletes are so active and participate in high contact sports, they tend to be more prone to injury. Adjustments from a Tulsa chiropractor restore function to the body and nervous system. Most athletes seek adjustments after a big game or a hard workout… and you should too! 

Improved Movements

In a study published in the Journal of Manipulative and Physiological Therapeutics, people who received regular chiropractic care noted nearly a 10% growth or improvement in their movement and response time compared to those not under regular chiropractic care. 

Better Balance

Chiropractic care restores the balance between the spine, the muscles, and the mind. It also helps with correcting the communication and function of the nervous system and removes disturbances, thus allowing the proper signals to flow freely between the brain and the body. With free flow and better signals from the brain, the entire body can be much more balanced and lead to benefits such as higher blood flow, better sleep, better stress management, and less pain.

Increased Flexibility

When spinal bones and joints are in the proper alignment, you’re able to maneuver with ease and take on harder activities that put additional stress on your body. For athletes, or for anyone that is active, flexibility is crucial! Especially when it comes to lifting, bending, or doing any kind of strenuous activity.



Tips for Summertime Activities

  • When lifting, bend with your knees and not just your back. A good tip is to look up when lifting, this will help you to put more of the weight on your knees and less on your back!
  • Stretch for a few minutes before doing anything crazy! Start with your arms, then your legs, your hips, and then your back!
  • Be sure to stay hydrated! The back actually becomes dehydrated during sleep so it’s helpful to drink extra water in the mornings and before workouts!
  • Slow is better. DO NOT, I REPEAT, DO NOT TRY TO LIFT HEAVY THINGS QUICKLY. Get some help from someone else, or go slow. You’ll be preventing many injuries by letting your body get used to the weight.

Get a summer time Chiropractic Adjustment

Don’t wait until you’re in pain, get an adjustment to prevent injury, restore balance, increase flexibility, and improve your awareness. If you’re active, do yourself a favor and just do it! Your body will thank you later! To schedule an appointment at our Tulsa Chiropractic office, fill out the form below or you can call 918-836-7900. 

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