Winter is officially upon us.

The warm weather has passed, leaves have fallen, and the brisk winter air has come. With the change in season, we must remember to take care of our bodies and adjust to the new temperatures. The extreme weather can affect our health in different ways, even if our bodies are only exposed for short periods of time.

Read below for 3 winter-related problems that your chiropractor can help with.


Although this may be an afterthought for some people, depression is most common in the fall or winter months. The lack of sunlight and the shorter winter days can make some people feel sad or experience the season affective disorder (SAD).

If you have a spinal misalignment, this can have a negative effect on the communication of the body systems and the brain. Thus, this can impact your mood, emotions, hormones, and chemical balances. By receiving a chiropractic adjustment, this can help to correct any imbalances of the spine and reduce the risk of depression.

Painful Joints and Cold Weather-Related Injuries

Slip and falls happen more often than you might think in the winter time. Icy sidewalks, black ice on the driveway, and deep snow can cause many people to lose their traction and fall. A fall on the spine or the hips can cause serious pain. If an injury does occur, a chiropractic adjustment can help to release muscles and relieve back pain. Don’t hesitate¬†to call a Tulsa Chiropractor if you’ve fallen on Ice. Your injuries may be deeper than you realize.¬†

Winter Back Problems

Cold and Flu

When the spine is out of alignment, this can actually limit the response of the immune system to seasonal illnesses. Chiropractic adjustments will help blood to flow smoothly throughout the body, (the ability for white blood cells to circulate), and the immune system to work to its fullest potential to fight off any diseases.

Note: Studies have shown that the benefits from chiropractic care can drastically improve the immune system. One notable study showed that HIV patients who were treated by regular chiropractic car showed an increase of 48% in crucial aspects of their immune systems.

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