Have you ever wondered about if you need to see a chiropractor?

In many cases, the real question should not be IF you need one, but rather, WHEN should you see a chiropractor.

Read below for 10 signs that indicate you should see a chiropractor.

The Signs

The human body is designed to show signs of when it needs medical help or when it needs to recovery from an injury. After an injury or a trauma, the body will send signals to the brain in the form of pain or limiting the motion of a certain muscle or body part.


Headaches can be caused by many different symptoms such as dehydration, oxygen deprivation, or misalignment in the back or neck.


Chronic Back Pain

Chronic back pain can be described as “pain that lingers” for longer than a day or two. If you have this kind of pain in your back and you are limited from some of your regular daily activities, then you should seek the help of a Tulsa Chiropractor at Family Care Medical and Chiropractic. If left untreated, this pain can damage your muscle tissue and even your brain’s psychology due to the pain.  

Limited Range of Motion

If you notice that your ability to stretch, bend, reach, or flex is limited, this is a clear indicator that you need to visit a local chiropractor. Chiropractic adjustments help to realign the bones and joints, and thus, release tight muscles from limiting range of motion.


Sharp Shooting Pain in Your Legs

Tingling or weakness in your muscles, especially in your legs, can indicate a slipped disc or a pinched nerve. Unwanted pressure on the nerve can cause you extreme pain and limit your ability to move.

Joint or Muscle Pains

A misalignment can cause your body to send “emergency” pain signals as a sign that you need help or need to be realigned by a chiropractor. A good Tulsa chiropractor will help you get back into proper alignment and help restore proper blood flow and nerve connections to relieve pain.

You Were Involved In An Accident

Car Accidents are the worst kinds of trauma to the back, neck, or spine. Whiplash from a sudden stop or the force from a collision can cause extreme damage on the body for days, weeks, and even months later. If you’ve been involved in a car accident, don’t wait. Contact a Tulsa Car Accident Chiropractor that has been trained on how to handle severe accident victims and injuries.

Tulsa Car Accident Chiropractor

You Are Athletic or Very Active

If you run, lift weights, bike, or perform regular activities, your body can become vulnerable to injuries over time. Added stress to the body with repetitive activities can cause unwanted pressure on the spine, neck, or muscles.

Your Shoes Wear Out Differently

Your shoes can indicate the weight that your body carries on each side. If your body is out of proper alignment, it’s common for one side of the body to carry more weight. Over time, this can cause serious damage to your back and muscles because of the extra weight and strain.


You Sit For Long Periods

If you have a day job, or perhaps your job requires you to stay in the same position for a long time, then you probably should seek the help of a chiropractor on a regular basis. Poor posture and keeping your body in the same positions for long periods of time can cause your shoulders, neck, and back to take on pressure.

If You Want To Be Healthy and Prevent Injury

The best way to prevent injury is to see a doctor regularly, especially a chiropractor. By visiting a seasoned chiropractor on a semi-monthly basis, they can help your body to stay in full balance.

See Tulsa Chiropractor Dr. Curtis Smith

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